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I remember all too well
The times as a child I wandered,
I blamed my thoughts of despair -
On everyone else.  
My God had been put asunder.
Just Remember To Breathe !
My life I felt was different
Unlike my friends and pals,
Always feeling left alone, 
Not really feeling much at all.
Seemingly lost in my endeavors
Not really knowing why -
Just Remember To Breathe !
Until one day came along,
That God clapped his hands out loud,
He said:   "Rise my Son and be Proud," 
You are my gift to yourself
Go spread the word aloud.
Just Remember To Breathe !
So my life keeps on changing
Getting better every day,
I found in God my consciousness
I thank him in everyway.
I spread the word of hope,
I give to all to see -
Just Remember To Breathe !
Whenever you feel desperate
Never give up on yourself,
Know that you are loved
By a Higher Power, you never
Have to be alone again -
You never were.
Just Remember To Breathe !

By: Charles 07-2005