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Selections from Without a Clue
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                                                  About the Book
This book is a humorous mystery filled with small town living, and at times poignant scenes that may bring memories of the past flooding into the present. It causes readers to recall the days of their youth and enjoy the ways of simple life as much as the author. The main character was able to overcome adversity when he realized his life needed a new direction. With the help of an understanding woman, who falls in love with him, his life transformed much to the surprise of the people who knew him.


This novel is set in Mountain View, Stone County, Arkansas. It is a humorous detective mystery with the main characters solving several crimes in somewhat unorthodox ways. The main characters will appear in the  next novels being planned by the author, Donald E. Clem.                                                                   
    Reginald P. Gawker, the only child of Sedrick Q. and Mavis C. Gawker, astonished his parents at birth and until their dying day, they remained astonished. To say that they were impressed with their offspring would be an understatement. They were so proud of him that Mr. Gawker busted the buttons off his vest swelling with pride. Actually, Sedrick suffered from chronic bloat and that caused the buttons to pop. Mrs. Gawker wasn’t quite as swelled with pride as Mr. Gawker since she very seldom had indigestion. Anyway, they were proud of him and began to spoil him rotten.
    Page 9
                                                     Chapter 33
     Sherry watched for the Merc and when it appeared in the back yard, she stepped out onto the porch and went down the steps as Reginald got out of the car. She noticed the sour look and knew what was wrong. She ran up to him, threw her arms around his neck, and planted a big kiss squarely on his lips. He stood there, shocked, dumbfounded, and totally addled. He was thinking she was going to tell him to get lost and now she just kissed him on the mouth. Confusion reigned supreme in Reginald’s mind.
    Sherry unwrapped her arms from his neck and stepped back. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. Decided today was the perfect time,” explaining her actions.
    All Reginald could say was, “Wha . . . wha . . . wha . . .” The attempt to speak sounded like the lines of a song by some now long forgotten singing group. He tried to speak again and the results were the same. After a short silence, he managed to get out, “You feelin’. . . uh . . . er. . . feeling all right? I mean. . .? Is there any . . . I mean,” and stopped trying to speak. Unable to say what he wanted, he blurted, “Phooey, I don’t know what I mean. I’d better leave,” and opened the car door and tried to sit down.
Page 132
                                                     Chapter 54
     The call came over Reginald’s radio at 2:15 PM. A hit and run had occurred at the intersection of Highway 9 and Brewer. A green Dodge pickup going south on Brewer had failed to stop at Highway 9 and hit Marvin Parson’s Chevy. The Dodge turned west on 9 and headed in the direction of Shirley. Reginald made the run and was in the process of doing the investigation when another call came in that an armed robbery was in progress at the Bank of Mountain View. Both city cars and sheriff’s department were to respond. Since Reginald was the closest he arrived first, parking his car on Main Street just west of the bank.
     He jumped out and headed for the bank front entrance, one-half block away. As he rounded the corner and approached the door, it suddenly opened and a skinny male with long brown hair, exited. He had a gun in his right hand. The skinny male seeing Reginald stopped and then turned to run back into the bank. A customer coming out of the door opened it just as the robber tried to re-enter the door. The robber ran into the edge of the door and knocked himself cold. He crumpled in a heap of skin and clattering bones on the sidewalk.
Page 242
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